Air Flow Studies Apparatus .

Air Flow Studies

The equipment includes a long smooth walled pipe joined to the suction side of an electrically operated  centrifugal fan. The fan discharge pipe terminates in a flow control damper for closed conduit work or a plate containing a small aperture for jet dispersion measurements.

Air enters the smooth walled pipe through one of the two flow measurement nozzles provided. Pressure tappings along the length of the pipe permit the pressure gradient to be determined.

A bend or mitred cascade elbow may be fitted mid way along the smooth wall pipe for comparison of pressure losses.

Boundary layer growth is determined by the measurement of the velocity profile at four stations along the pipe using a traversing Pitot tube.

A conventional flow measuring orifice plate is supplied for installing in the pipe upstream of the fan for additional demonstrations of pressure loss and recovery.

Air jet studies are carried out on the discharge side of the fan. A Pitot tube is traversed vertically and horizontally at different distances from the discharge orifice to investigate the dispersion properties.
The equipment is mounted on a floor standing steel frame with an adjacent support for the extended suction pipe. Pressure measurements are made on a multi-tube inclinable manometer mounted on the support frame.

Item Value
Centrifugal fan capacity: 218 l/s at STP
Pipe velocity range: 0-35m/s
Inlet pipe: dia.80mm
length 2.75m
Interchangeable nozzles: dia.50mm
and 80mm
Internal pipe orifice: dia.50mm
Jet discharge pipe orifice: dia.30mm
Jet traverse range 600mm x 140mm
(downstream lengthxwidth):
Manometer range: 0 - 283mm H2O
Manometer fluid: Kerosene (s.g.0.78)

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