Complete Fluid Mechanics Laboratory

Complete Fluid Mechanics Laboratory .

As a key manufacturer, supplier and exporter, we are enthusiastically involved in offering comprehensive assortment  of equipments like Complete Fluid Mechanics Laboratory that covers all facets of the teaching of hydraulics in a visual, safe & convenient to understand way, backed up by supreme quality teaching materials.

This spectrum of equipment has now been reinforced & extended with an integrated array of hydrostatics teaching accessories together with some latest hydraulics products. As a result, the complete curriculum can be covered with this outstanding collection of products. Moreover, we provide this Complete Fluid Mechanics Laboratory to clients at marginal prices.


  • Dead Weight Calibrator
  • Metacentric Height
  • Hydrostatic Pressure
  • Fluid Statics & Manometry Apparatus
  • Fluid Properties Apparatus
  • Pascal's Apparatus
  • Bernoulli's Theorem
  • Impact of a Jet
  • Orifice Discharge
  • Orifice and Free Jet Flow
  • Energy Losses in Pipes
  • Osborne-Reynolds Demonstration
  • Energy Losses in Bends
  • Flow Meter Demonstration
  • Hydraulic Ram
  • Free and Fixed Vortices
  • Pitot Tube Demonstrator
  • Cavitation Demonstration
  • Fluid Friction Apparatus
  • Pipe Networks Accessory
  • Pipe Surge and Water Hammer Apparatus
  • Hydraulic Flow Demonstrato
  • Flow Channel
  • Flow Over Weirs
  • Hydraulic Flow Demonstrator
  • Multi-purpose Teaching Flume

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