Aerodynamics Trainer .

Aerodynamics Trainer

  • Aerodynamics experiments in the fields of flow around, incident flow and flow through models, as well As further experiments in the field of steady incompressible flow.
  • Vertical measuring section with flow straightener and nozzle
  • Radial fan infinitely variable via frequency converter
  • Thermometer for measuring air temperature
  • 16 tube manometers for displaying pressures
  • Accessories for the field of flow around bodies:
  • Boundary Layers
  • Drag Forces
  • Coanda Effect
  • Visualisation of Streamlines
  • Accessories for the field of steady incompressible flow
  • Bernoulli's principle
  • Flow in a pipe elbow
  • Free Jets

Technical Data

  • Radial fan
  • Power consumption: 0,37kW
  • Max. volumetric flow rate: 15m³/min
  • Nozzle exit cross-section: 50x100mm
  • Max. flow velocity at the nozzle exit: 40m/s

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