Air Conditioning Unit

Air Conditioning Unit .
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A variable delivery fan supplies metered air to a pretreatment plenum chamber where it can be heated and humidified to a variable and measured extent. The air is next passed through a filter of the type used in commercial systems and then cooled by the evaporation of refrigerant in a built-in condensing refrigeration unit. Any moisture condensed from the air at this stage is collected in a measuring cylinder. The air then passes through a reheating chamber with a measurable heat input facility before discharge to atmosphere. The design of the unit is such as to ensure that all readings provided by the instrument relate to a proper homogeneous air flow. The refrigerant compressor is a single cylinder unit driven by an AC motor.

Special Features of Air Conditioning Unit:   
Safety in use Interlocked controls make it impossible to generate steam from the humidifier or to run either the air flow preheater or the air reheater without first turning on the air flow blower. However, water in the steam generator can be heated to 90ºC before starting the blower, in order to save class time. The level of water in the steam generator is shown by a sight glass. 
The refrigerator condenser is adequate for use under tropical conditions, i.e. with cooling water up to 32ºC (90ºF approximately).
Temperature readings from a total of 16 remote reading thermocouple instruments are provided by the Cussons multi-point, multi-range, thermometer. The temperature reading point operative at any one time is shown by an indicator light on the mimic diagram.
Specification of Air Conditioning Unit:
Air Conditioning Unit comprising ducting system, variable delivery fan unit for air flow, inlet air heating and humidification, air cooling with condensate removal and measurement and air reheat all mounted on self-contained moveable stand. Instrumentation comprises multi-point wet and dry thermocouple systems with indicator tell tale, thermistor air flow meter, coolant flow meter, refrigerant flow meter, pressure gauges and mimic diagram. Complete and tested

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