Airflow System Base Unit

Airflow System Base Unit .
Airflow System Base Unit for Science Lab Equipment Laboratory Instruments Manufacturers, Engineering Lab Equipments Manufacturers

Specification of Airflow System Base Unit

A small footprint, high volume high pressure centrifugal fan with adjustable flow control, inlet and outlet couplings. A comprehensive range of optional accessories are available that may be connected to the fan inlet, outlet or both as required.
    11 Optional Heat Exchangers available:-
    Multitube Manometer
    Bernoulli's Equation
    Boundary Layer Investigation
    Round Turbulent Jet Investigation
    Flow Around a Bend Investigation
    Jet Attachment Investigation
    Drag Force Investigation
    Flow Visualization Investigation
    Principles of Airflow, Pressure and Velocity Distribution (Pitot-Traverse)
    Principles of Airflow, Friction Losses in Bends and Pipe Elements
    Principles of Airflow, Fan Test and Flow Measurement

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