Vapour Compression Refrigeration Unit

Vapour Compression Refrigeration Unit .
Specification of  Vapour Compression Refrigeration Unit for Science Lab Equipment Laboratory Instruments Manufacturers, Engineering Lab Equipments Manufacturers
Complete refrigeration system enabling demonstration of the vapour compression refrigeration cycle.
Fully instrumented to enable complete analysis of the processes involved and calculation of the changes in performance with operating conditions.
Computer controlled system with automatic recording of process variables using an integral USB interface.
Hermetically sealed rotary compressor driven by DC motor with three phase BLDC variable speed drive.
Compressor speed under computer control with a wide range of operation from 2000 to 4400 RPM.
Real time display of super heat calculations.
Real time display of Coefficient of Performance.
Energy transferred to the evaporator and from the condenser measured independently on the service side of the process.

Description of  Vapour Compression Refrigeration Unit
The hermetically sealed refrigerant compressor incorporates a brushless three phase DC electric motor that is driven by a variable speed controller. Compressor speed and power supplied is displayed on the PC.

The refrigerant exiting the compressor passes through a condenser, receiver, filter, variable area flow meter, expansion valve and evaporator before retuning to the inlet side of the compressor. The condenser and evaporator are brazed plate heat exchanger and utilize a large common reservoir of water to minimize changes in water temperature during operation.
Technical Details of Vapour Compression Refrigeration Unit
Refrigeration system Vapour-compression type Refrigerant
Compressor speed range     2000 to 4400 rpm
Compressor supply     24V DC to speed controller of brushless 3 phase DC motor
Compressor rating     7.11 cm3 (0.434 cu in) for high evaporator temperature with 7.2°C rating point
Condenser     Brazed plate heat exchanger using water as heat transfer medium
Evaporator     Brazed plate heat exchanger using water as heat transfer medium
Water reservoir     Working capacity 400 litres
Temperature sensors      NTC Thermistor
Refrigerant flowmeter     Variable area flowmeter

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