Air Flow Experimental Plant .

Air Flow Experimental Plant

Specification Of Air Flow Experimental Plant

  • Experiments from the field of steady incompressible flow
  • Horizontal measuring section
  • Radial fan infinitely variable via frequency converter
  • Pitot tube in the free jet, 3-dimensional adjustable
  • Pitot tube within the pipe section, vertically adjustable at 3 positions
  • Different measuring objects: orifice plate, nozzle, iris diaphragm, pipe fittings
  • 16 tube manometers for displaying the pressures

Technical Data

  • External Pitot tube in the free jet, 3-dimensional adjustable
  • Horizontal: -140...140mm
  • Vertical: -80...120mm
  • Inner diameter: 2mm
  • Internal Pitot tube, sliding
  • Vertical: -40...40mm
  • Inner diameter: 1,1mm
  • 20 pressure measuring points

Radial fan

  • Max. motor power: 550W
  • Max. flow rate: 22m³/min
  • Max. differential pressure: 0,73kPa
  • 16 tube manometers
  • Resolution 1-fold, 2-fold, 5-fold and 10-fold
  • Max. resolution 1Pa
  • Iris diaphragm, diameter: 40...75mm
  • Orifice plate/nozzle, diameter: 50mm
  • 3 pipe fittings

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