Airflow Study Unit .

Airflow Study Unit

Technical Description of Airflow Study Unit
The system offers comprehensive investigations on air flow. A fan draws air through a section of pipe. The air flow rate can be measured with various measuring inserts such as a nozzle/orifice, Pitot tube or iris diaphragm. The measuring inserts are connected to a multiple tube manometer using hoses; the pressure differences can then be read on the manometer. Measuring glands are also fitted to the pipe section at evenly spaced intervals; these can be used for determining pipe friction, pressure losses or velocity profiles. The tube manometer can be tilted to increase precision and can be fixed in various positions. Open jet experiments can be performed at the fan outlet.

Specification of Airflow Study Unit
  • Study unit for comprehensive investigations on air flow
  • Radial fan with speed adjustment by frequency converter
  • Adjustable Pitot tube for open jet experiments on the fan outlet
  • Pipe section and diverse measuring inserts along with a 16-tube manometer for pressure measurements
  • Pipe section with evenly spaced measuring glands
  • Various fittings included
Technical Data of Airflow Study Unit
  • Radial fan 550W
  • Max. Volumetric flow rate 1320m³/h
  • Max. Differential pressure 730Pa
  • Tube manometer, 16 tubes
  • Measuring range 600mmWG
  • Area distribution 10:5:2:1
  • Iris diaphragm, d adjustable from 20..70mm
  • Orifice/nozzle d=50mm
  • Aperture d=30mm
Dimensions and Weight of Airflow Study Unit
  • l x w x h: 3270 x 790 x 1338 mm
  • Weight: approx. 151 kg

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