This simulator must be essential and indispensable for operation and understanding of the analogue modules of the PLC.
The board must include 2+2 inputs, at 4-20 mA and 0-10 V respectively, and 4 outputs at 4-20 mA/0/1-5 V, smoothly variable through potentiometer; six current/ voltage display must be of digital type; the input indication  must be of bar type, through meters that can be switched. For the supply of the analog modules, eight terminals must be available connected to an internal stabilized power supply unit and equipped with the following characteristics:  
Output voltage : 24V Output current : 1A
Thermal protection   
Protection against overloads  
The connection to the PLC can be carried out through 2mm terminals.
Power supply: single-phase from mains.
The simulator must be connectable to PLC through two connectors  (37-pin type) placed on the backside of the panel.
It must be supplied with connecting cables, educational manual and PLC control software.

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