Automotive One Engine Test Set .

Description of Automotive One Engine Test Set:

Automotive 1 Engine Test Set is the smallest engine test in the ranges. It is a self-contained compact unit designed for easy installation and bench mounting. An automotive alternator is used as a dynamometer to load the engine and dissipate the power in a resistive load bank. A gasoline Briggs and Stratton air cooled OHV engine, is offered as an engine option. Alternatively a diesel engine, the is offered as a separate alternative. The engine and dynamometer are carried on a solid steel baseplate resiliently mounted within a steel framework. Included within the engine framework are the fuel system, which incorporates a fuel tank and fuel solenoid valve, and the air induction system. The instrumentation and control panel is mounted on the front of the frame.

Experimental Capability of Automotive One Engine Test Set:


  1. Engine performance curves at full and part load
  2. Engine efficiency and fuel consumption variation with speed and load.  
  3. Effect of mixture strength on gasoline engine performance and fuel consumption.  
  4. Effect of mixture on gasoline engine performance and fuel consumption.  
  5. The gasoline unit is provided with a lean/rich fuel mixture device.


Features of Automotive One Engine Test Set:


  1. Self-contained, compact easily installed bench mounted unit.  
  2. Electrical AC dynamometer and load bank.
  3. Fully instrumented for air and fuel flow, exhaust temperature, speed and power.  
  4. Optional PV System
  5. Optional Data Acquisition System
  6. Optional Single Cylinder Diesel Engine
  7. Optional Single Cylinder Gasoline Engine

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