Variable Compression Equipment .

Automotive Engine Test Bed Variable Compression Facility

Description of Automotive Engine Test Bed Variable Compression Facility

The instrumentation provided is highly accurate, Includes an electric sensitive dynamometer, which allows To achieve fair and repeatable results. The engine can Be provided with a specific cylinder head fitted with Devices for the multi-channel indicator for Diagrams. Other cylinder heads for the gasoline engine Variable compression ratio are provided to allow To study the effects on the efficiency of the engine. Anything Instrumentation and controls are located on the Control panel made of melamine resin which comprises Multicolor synoptic table

Experimental Capability of  Automotive Engine Test Bed Variable Compression Facility
The experiments that can be carried out on the bench Tests for four-stroke engines are as follows:
  1. Regulated Circuit - Determination of Consumption Of the brake on the basis of pressure Average and derived thermal efficiency.
  2. Full-throttle power curves - average pressure Effective and braking power determined in rev / sec.
  3. Determination of the richness of the mixture (gasoline only).
  4. Characteristics of ignition advance - the ignition timing is continuously variable.
  5. Friction (no-load losses) - measured by the dynamometer.
  6. Determination of heat loss - by analysis of Cooling air flow rate.
  7. Engine exhaust temperature – for Different operating conditions.
  8. Volumetric efficiency of the motor - with flowmeter Of air intake.
  9. Complete energy balance - with calorimeter Of exhaust.
  10. A selection of gas cylinder heads makes it possible to Experiments presented for different conditions of cylinder

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