Bending Elasticity In Rotors

Bending Elasticity In Rotors .

Bending Elasticity In Rotors

Specification: Bending Elasticity In Rotors

  • Investigation of bending vibrations and resonance of a rotating system
  • Two self-aligning ball bearings moveable to any point as the rotor shaft mount
  • Two masses that can be fixed at any point
  • Safety bearing and transparent protective cover for safe operation
  • Two pre-selectable speed ranges, speed electronically regulated and infinitely adjustable
  • Digital speed indicator

Technical Data

Three-phase motor

  • Power 0,25kW
  • Max. speed 3000min-1

Rotor Shaft

  • L=500mm
  • D=6mm
  • Hardened steel

2x Mass, Disc-Shaped

  • M=965g
  • D=80mm
  • Hardened steel

Shaft Mount

  • 2x self-aligning ball bearings
  • 2x safety bearings

Measuring Ranges

  • Speed: 300...3000min-1
  • Scale for measuring distance: 0...500mm

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