Bernoulli's Principle Demonstrator

Bernoulli's Principle Demonstrator .

Specification Of Bernoulli's Principle Demonstrator

  • Familiarisation with Bernoulli's principle
  • Venturi nozzle with transparent front panel and measuring points for measuring the static pressures
  • Axially movable Pitot tube for determining the total pressure at various points within the Venturi nozzle
  • 6 tube manometers for displaying the static pressures
  • Single tube manometer for displaying the total pressure
  • Flow rate determined by base module
  • Water supply using base module or via laboratory supply

Technical Data

  • Venturi nozzle
  • A: 84...338mm²
  • Angle at the inlet: 10,5°
  • Angle at the outlet: 4°

Pitot tube

  • Movable range: 0...200mm
  • Diameter: 4mm

Measuring ranges

  • Static pressure: 0...290mm
  • Total pressure: 0...370mm

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