Compressible Flow Apparatus

Compressible Flow Apparatus .


A bench top unit meant to demonstrate & teach the fundamentals of compressible flow to engineering students

  • Complete with convergent-divergent duct capable of achieving Mach-1 velocity at the throat
  • Advanced torque-vector speed control with electronic torque measurement
  • Four electronic pressure sensors
  • Test Sections made from clear acrylic
  • Additional test sections available (6 off) complete with bench-top stand
  • Compressor test accessory available
  • Data Logging accessory, complete with educational software and electronic temperature sensor.


  • Variable speed compressor with accurate electronic speed control
  • Electronic pressure sensors
  • Standard unit includes convergent-divergent duct designed to produce Mach 1 velocity at the throat.
  • Data Logging option

Technical Specifications:



Compressible Flow Unit

Compressor speed

12,200rpm (max)

No. Stages


Motor Power

0.56 KW


+/- 1.2kPa 2 off


+/- 100kPa 2 off

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