Bernoullis Theorem Demostration .

Bernoulli's Theorem Demostration

Simple equipment suitable to study accurately the Bernoulli's Theorem Demostration the system includes a manometer board with multiple tubes granting the possibility to read simultaneously different pressures along the pipe. The connection of this unit to the hydraulic bench (not included in this item) is made through threaded screws and no tools are required. The manometer has non leaking quick fittings in order to avoid the outlet of water when the system is disconnected from the hydraulic bench.

Performable Experiments of Bernoulli's Theorem Demostration


  1. Demonstration of Bernoulli equation along the Venturi tube.
  2. Pressure loss calculation in a Venturi tube.
  3. Study of static, dynamic and total pressures.


Technical Data of Bernoulli's Theorem Demostration

Inner diameters:

Main piping:


  1. Inner diameter = 28. 2mm
  2. Outer diameter = 32mm

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