Biomedical stimulator data acquisition equivalent to PowerLab or better

A PowerLab requires a USB 2 or 3 interface to connect to your computer.
PowerLabs are designed to function with LabChart or LabTutor software for a complete research or teaching solution.

Integrated data recording featuring a dual Bio Amp, an isolated stimulator, trigger input, 4 analog inputs, 8 digital inputs and 8 digital outputs. The 26T includes both LabChart and LabTutor software.

The ideal DAQ solution for life science classroom experiments. The T Series PowerLab is an economically priced high quality DAQ unit with built-in, fully isolated, two-channel bio amplifier, isolated stimulator, separate non-isolated analog inputs and a differential-mode analog output. T Series PowerLabs come with LabTutor software and a full range of preconfigured Teaching Experiments

•    High-throughput full-bandwidth sampling of any analog signal 2 mV - 10 V
•    Full 16-bit ADC resolution; resolve voltage differences as small as 61 nV (35 Series)
•    200 kHz maximum sampling rate (35 Series)
•    Analog outputs for external device control or stimulation protocols
•    DIN connectors for recalibrated transducers and low-cost amplifiers
Digital input and output connectors for signaling to/from TTL devices

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