•The most realistic imaging and accurate anatomy on the market created by leaders in the field of ultrasound imaging from real imaging data sets
• The most validated ultrasound simulator with scientific publications written by opinion leaders in peer-reviewed journals
•Supports TTE, TEE and abdominal/pelvic scanning, including FAST, on one platform
• Realistic mannequin with tactile features: depressible abdomen plus palpable thoracic
 and pelvic bony landmarks
•3D augmented reality displays anatomy, organs, and surrounding structures in real time
•2D ultrasound imaging, M-Mode and color Doppler available on all valvular pathologies
•Ability to obtain deep trans gastric view with TEE module
•Ability to utilize the 3D augmented reality display as the main screen view or split screen view with ultrasound imaging
• Ability to disable 3D augmented reality display to alter level of difficulty
• Ability to disable lung, rib and abdominal artifacts on ultrasound view
•Ability to toggle on-off each and every structure on the 3D augmented reality display
•Ability to adjust level of noise on ultrasound view to alter image quality and level of difficulty
•More than 100 cardiac and abdominal pathologies with ability to load pathologies in
stealth mode
•Tutorial feature identifies and labels anatomical structures on 3D augmented reality display
•Target Cut Planes provide reference views to aid learners in correct probe positioning. These views consist of a reference ultrasound beam, reference probe, and reference ultrasound image in relation to the learner’s live ultrasound beam, probe position, and ultrasound image
• Comprehensive metrics record target cut planes so learners can practice in the absence of an instructor. The metrics feature tracks the time it takes to achieve a TCP as well as records

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