Biotechnical Production Of Ethanol .

Biotechnical Production of Ethanol

Specification Of Biotechnical Production of Ethanol

  • Batch Conversion Of Starch-Based Raw Materials Into Ethanol
  • Open Mash Tank With Water-Jacket Cooling, Steam Injection And Stirrer
  • Closed Fermentation Tank With Stirrer And Water-Jacket Cooling/Heating
  • Distillation Unit With 3 Bubble Cap Trays, Dephlegmator, Condenser And Stirrer
  • 2 Pumps For Delivering The Mash
  • Ph Value Control In The Mash Tank With Acid And Caustic Delivered By Metering Pumps
  • Adjustment Of The Amount Of Injected Heating Steam, The Cooling Water Flow Rates And The Head Temperature By Means Of Pid Controllers
  • System control using a PLC; operated by touch screen

Technical Data

  • Mash tank: 40L
  • Fermentation tank: 50L
  • Product tank: 10L
  • Spent mash: 30L

Distillation unit

  • Column: Dxh: 220x1200mm
  • Sump Capacity: 45L
  • Sump heater: 0...7500W

2 air-operated diaphragm pumps

  • Drive Pressure: 2bar
  • Max. Flow Rate: 15l/Min
  • Max. Head: 20m
  • Max. Solid lump size: 4mm

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