Calibration Station .

Calibration Station

Specification: Calibration Station

  • Investigation of transmission behaviour and calibration of electronic and pneumatic control loop components
  • Sending and measuring pneumatic and electrical signals
  • 3 pressure regulators with manometers
  • Adjustable power supply unit as DC voltage source
  • 2 switchable AC voltage sources with differing voltages
  • 3 digital pressure gauges with differing measuring ranges
  • 2 adjustable potentiometers
  • Freely configurable industrial controller
  • Digital voltmeter
  • Digital ammeter
  • 3-channel line recorder with freely selectable measuring ranges
  • Separate high-grade universal calibrator for voltage, current, temperature and resistance

Technical Data

3 pressure regulators

- 1x 0...2bar

- 2x 0...8bar

Power supply unit

- voltage: 0...30VDC

- current: 0...5A

2 AC voltage sources

- 24VAC

- 230VAC

Pressure gauge measuring ranges

- 0...0,6bar

- 0...2,5bar

- 0...10bar

2 potentiometers

- 0...100Ohm

- 0...500Ohm

Voltmeter: 0...20VDC

Ammeter: 0...20mA

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