Test Stand For Control Valves .

Test Stand for Control Valves

Specification: Test Stand for Control Valves

  • Investigation and testing of control valves
  • Water circuit with tank, pump and connections for control valves
  • Electromagnetic flow rate sensor
  • 2 pressure sensors to measure the pressure drop over the control valve
  • Gate valve to adjust the flow rate
  • Potentiometer to actuate electro-pneumatic valves with a current signal
  • Pushbuttons to actuate motorised valves
  • Manometer and pressure regulator to adjust the working pressure for electro-pneumatic valves
  • Position feedback via current signal (electro-pneumatic valves) or resistance teletransmitter (motorised valves)

Technical Data

  • Tank: approx. 90L
  • Two-stage centrifugal pump
  • Max. head: 20m
  • Max. flow rate: 4m³/h


  • DC: 4...20mA
  • Resistance: 0...1000 Ohm

Auxiliary Power

  • AC: 24V
  • Air pressure for electro-pneumatic valves : 0...6bar

Measuring ranges

  • Flow rate: 0...5000L/h
  • Pressure (water): 2x 0...6bar
  • Pressure (compressed air): 0...6bar

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