Braking And Accelerating Forces Unit .

Braking And Accelerating Forces Unit

Specifications Of Braking And Accelerating Forces Unit

A load transfer between front and rear wheels takes place under conditions of braking or acceleration of a vehicle (a car for example).

The problem of load transfer occurs since the accelerating or braking force is not applied to the centre of gravity of the vehicle but to the point of contact of the wheels with the road.

The designed to demonstrate and study this load transfer.

This unit allows to carry out practices and experiments to study the relationship between the forces involved in car braking and acceleration.

The allows the demonstration of the relationship between these forces on front wheel drive, rear wheel drive, and four wheel drive.

This unit is mounted on an anodized aluminium and steel structure. A car model is supported on a beam load cell and has road wheels. A pin can be inserted in different positions to represent the centre of gravity of the car.

Pulleys, weight and cords are used to apply different horizontal braking or acceleration and inertia forces to the car

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