Differential Crownwheel And Pinion .
Differential Crownwheel And Pinion

Specifications Of Differential Crownwheel And Pinion

The is mounted on a frame consisting of aluminum profiles with panel made of painted steel, with legs that enable to locate it on an appropriate surface.

On the other hand, it also includes brackets that allow to hang the unit on a wall.

The includes a differential group consisting of:

Input pinion (Z = 21).

Crown-wheel (Z = 63).

3 sun gears (Z = 16).

2 planetary gears (Z = 32).

Gears are distributed on different shafts (input shaft, right output shaft and left output shaft), which are mounted on ball bearings that will allow low inertia and a decrease of the losses due to friction. Both the input shaft and the output shafts have pulleys equipped with protractors with the aim of enabling the student to determine and verify the torque and speed ratios. They are made of aluminum and their radius is 40mm.

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