Cake And Depth Filtration .

Cake And Depth Filtration

Specification:- Cake And Depth Filtration

  • Fundamentals of cake and depth filtration
  • Filter element with sintered filter medium on its bottom to capture the particles
  • Pressure loss measurement with twin tube manometers
  • Height-adjustable filler hopper made of DURAN glass
  • Flow meter with needle valve for adjustment

Technical Data

Filter element

  • Filter chamber height: 85mm
  • Inside diameter: approx. 37mm
  • Cross-sectional area: approx. 11cm²
  • Tube material: DURAN glass
  • Filter medium, sintered filter
  • Pore size: 100µm
  • Thickness: 2mm
  • Material: sintered metal

Measuring ranges

  • Flow rate: 40...360mL/min
  • Pressure: 2x 0...500mmWC
  • Temperature: -10...100°C

Measuring cups

  • 1x 1000mL, scale division: 10mL
  • 1x 100mL, scale division: 2mL

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