Central Climatization System

Central Climatization System .
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The Central Climatization System simulates the indoor air treatment for buildings such as hospitals, schools, hotels. Two fans - one at the air inlet, one at the air outlet - generate an air flow passing in an air distribution system, which has the shape of an H. Electrically or manually operated gates allow simulating the fresh air inlet and the presence of one user. Two heat exchangers are assembled inside the air distribution system which allow varying the cooling or heating capacities. A chiller complete with a reverse cycle valve feeds the two exchangers with hot or cold water according to the selected cycle. The unit is supplied with a manual that describes each component of the system, installation and utilization procedures.
Experiments of Central Climatization System
    Study of air flow and air flow measurements.
    Study of a chiller and its functioning as a heat pump
    Summer air conditioning
    Winter air conditioning
    Influence of the air flow
    Influence of fresh air inlet

Required services of Central Climatization System
    Electrical power supply: 380V, three phase and ground, 50/60 Hz, 2.5 kW.
    Water supply: from mains, to fill the tank and the circuit.
Weight and dimensions of Central Climatization System
    Weight: empty 500 kg.
    Dimensions: 3000x2500x2000 h mm.

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