Centrifugal Compressor Demonstration Unit

Centrifugal Compressor Demonstration Unit

Centrifugal Compressor Demonstration Unit .

Specification of Centrifugal Compressor Demonstration Unit

  • A small-scale multi-stage centrifugal compressor demonstration unit, comprising of an inlet duct, the compressor, an outlet duct and an adjustable aperture, all mounted on a stainless steel base.
  • Seven stages in the compressor.
  • Equipped with electronic measurement sensors for head pressure, flow rate (via orifice plate) and air temperature.
  • Capable of being linked to a PC (not supplied) via a dedicated interface console (an essential accessory).
  • Supplied with software providing full instructions for setting up, operating, calibrating and performing the teaching exercises. Facilities for logging, processing and displaying data graphically.
  • Full theoretical back-up together with a student questions and answers session.

 Technical Details of Centrifugal Compressor Demonstration Unit

  • The analogue output data is digitised and transferred to a computer using the standard USB (Universal Serial Bus). This allows any standard modern Windows computer to be used, including notebooks, and does not require any internal access to the computer.
  • The equipment is supplied complete with a USB lead for connection to the computer.
  • The interfaces to the computer using the device and the USB port of the computer.
  • Also available is a software driver that allows the outputs to be read in other software programs, such as Labview

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