CentriPetal Centrifugal

CentriPetal Centrifugal .

  • Ideal for separation of solids, gums, soapstock and washwater from reacted vegetable and animal oils and fatsDescription of CentriPetal CentrifugalThe feed material is poured into the rotating basket (bowl). The centrifugal force separates the heavier phase (material) and forces it towards the periphery. After a couple of minutes a pitot type discharge tube is manually rotated into the spinning liquid which thereby is drained from the bowl. The first material discharged will be the purified light phase. After this the heavier phase (if liquid) can be drained in the same fashion by continuing the rotation of the tube. Alternatively, with more viscous materials and solids, the machine is stopped and the bowl quickly removed for cleaning.Features of CentriPetal CentrifugalBatch centrifuge for liquid/liquid and solid/liquid separationsAll stainless steel constructionMaximum separation capability of 400gAdjustable discharge pipe for removal of lighter liquid phaseBatches of up to 9L

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