Change Of State Of Gases

Change Of State Of Gases .

Specification OfChange of State of Gases

  • Experimental investigation of gas laws
  • Transparent measuring tank 1 for investigation of isothermic change of state
  • Hydraulic oil filling for changing volume of test gas
  • Built-in compressor generates necessary pressure differences to move the oil volume
  • Compressor can also be used as vacuum pump
  • 5/2-way valve for switching between compression and expansion
  • Transparent measuring tank 2 for investigation of isochoric change of state
  • Electrical heater with temperature control in tank 2
  • Sensors and digital displays for temperatures, pressures and volumes

Technical Data:-Compressor / vacuum pump

  • Power output: 60W
  • Pressure at inlet: 213mbar
  • Pressure at outlet: 2bar

Temperature controller: PID, 300W, limited to 80°C

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