Characteristics Of Nozzles

Characteristics Of Nozzles .

Characteristics Of Nozzles

Specification Of Characteristics Of Nozzles

  • Detect impact force or thrust at nozzle to determine the flow velocity and nozzle efficiency
  • Experiment layout A: measuring reaction force (thrust) of the fluid at the nozzle
  • Experiment layout B: measuring action force of the fluid at the baffle plate
  • Air intake adaptable according to the experiment layout
  • Distance between baffle plate and nozzle can be adjusted
  • Compressed air regulator for adjusting the pressure downstream of the nozzle
  • Needle valve on the flow meter for adjusting the back pressure
  • Measuring reaction or action force of the nozzle by deformation of the bending beam
  • 5 nozzles with different contours (4 convergent-divergent, 1 convergent) and 1 baffle plate

Technical Data

  • Air consumption of the experimental unit
  • Compressed air: max. 10bar
  • Aair consumption: approx. 5g/s

5 nozzles, brass

  • 4x convergent-divergent
  • 1x convergent
  • Diameter, all nozzles: 2mm
  • Length, divergent nozzles: 3,6 to 15,8mm

Compressed air regulator

  • Control range: 0...8,6bar

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