CIVILAB-004-2119Visualisation Of Different Flows

Visualisation Of Different Flows .

Visualisation Of Different Flows

Specification Of Visualisation Of Different Flows

  • Experimental unit for visualisation of various flow processes
  • Illuminated flow section with transparent front panel
  • Open-channel flow demonstrated on 2 weirs
  • Flow through demonstrated with 3 differently shaped models
  • Flow around solid bodies demonstrated on four drag bodies
  • Contrast medium: ink
  • Optional operation via laboratory supply or as closed water circuit

Technical Data

  • Flow section: approx. 5L
  • Contrast medium: ink
  • Injection of the contrast medium
  • 5 nozzles


  • Flow rate: 10L/min
  • Head: 5,7m


  • Broad-crested
  • Sharp-crested

Drag body

  • 2 cylinder cross-sections
  • Aerofoil, symmetrical
  • Aerofoil, asymmetrical

Models (different shapes)

  • Gradual contraction / sudden enlargement
  • Sudden contraction / enlargement
  • Tube bundle

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