Comparison Of Pumps .

Comparison Of Pumps

Specification :- Comparison Of Pumps

  • Experiments relating to key issues in pump engineering
  • Comparison of various pump types: centrifugal pump, piston pump, side-channel pump
  • Operation of centrifugal pumps in parallel or series configuration
  • Free position for additional pump
  • Three-phase AC motors for centrifugal pumps and additional motor with Variable speed by frequency converter

Technical Data

Centrifugal pump 2x

  • Max. flow rate (Q): 300L/min
  • Max. head (H): 16,9m
  • Nominal speed: 2900min-1
  • Three-phase AC motor 2x, for centrifugal pump
  • Power output: 1,1kW
  • Side-channel pump, self-priming, one-stage
  • Q: 83,3L/min, H: 50m
  • Nominal speed: 1450min-1
  • Three-phase AC motor for side-channel pump
  • Power output: 1,1kW
  • Piston pump
  • Q: 17L/min, H: 60m
  • Nominal speed: 405min-1
  • Three-phase AC motor for piston pump
  • Power output: 0,55kW
  • Three-phase AC motor, additional motor, reversible
  • Power output: 0,75kW
  • Speed range: 750...3000min-1

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