Compression of Springs Apparatus

Compression of Springs Apparatus .
Compression of Springs Apparatus

Compression of Springs Apparatus are used in engineering to store energy or to provide restoring forces. Both compression and tension springs may be encountered. The deflection of a spring depends on the load applied to it, an observation enshrined in Hooke's Law Applications of springs are found in spring balances which indicate loads by measuring spring deflections and in car suspensions where they absorb energy caused by wheel vertical movement due to potholes and bumps.

Experimental Capabilitis Of Compression of Springs Apparatus


  1. To test the relationship between the load applied and the change in compressive length of a spring
  2. To determine spring stiffness using measured experimental results and formulae provided
  3. Load versus compression graphs
  4. Action of springs
  5. Using the optionally available compressive spring set the dependence of spring stiffness on the wire diameter, spring diameter, length, number of turns and material can be observed and calculated
  6. Comparison with theoretical estimate and manufacturer’s data.


Specification of Compression of Springs Apparatus


  1. Determination of spring stiffness
  2. Wall mounted compact unit to test springs up to 200mm long and 38mm diameter
  3. Single compression spring supplied
  4. Load applied to spring using calibrated weights set and hanger
  5. Integral compression scale
  6. Adjustable compression indicator

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