Convection Drying .

Convection Drying

Specification Of Convection Drying

  • Drier For Investigating Convection Drying Of Solids
  • Drying On 4 Corrosion Resistant Plates In A Drying Channel With An Air Flow
  • Adjustment Of Air Velocity Via Speed Of Fan
  • Air Heating With Controlled Heater
  • Digital Balance For Measuring The Change Of Weight During Drying
  • 1 Combined Sensor For Measurement Of Humidity And Temperature Before And After The Solid Sample
  • 1 Air Velocity Sensor
  • Digital stopwatch, battery operated

Technical Data

Drying channel

  • Length: 2340mm (with fan)
  • Internal dimensions: 350x350mm
  • 4 drying plates: 398x320mm


  • Power: 33W
  • Max. Output: 700m³/h
  • Max. speed: 950min-1


  • Power: 0...6750w
  • With adjustable temperature limiter


  • Measuring range: 0…10000g
  • Resolution: 0,1g
  • Application temperature: 0…75°C

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