•    Speed of position configurations may be   
•    Easily extended to cover digital systems.
•    Variable factors such as gain, damping,  
   friction and inertia are immediately    
   demonstrable by their effect on performance.
•    System protected against incorrect   
   connection and accidental short-circuits.
•    Servo system comprises self-contained units  
   with mimic diagrams of function block.
•    Magnetic base on each unit provides firm  
   fixing to baseplate enabling practical  
   visualization of system block configurations.
•    Units may be investigated  individually   
   before building a  system.
•    No mechanical skill required to construct a
   working system.
•  Hands-on assembling of working systems.
•  Digital Servo System Modeling
•  Real time digital control.
•  Interactive digital servo design.

Technical Specification :-

Operational Amplifier Unit
•    Identical input resistor: 3
•    Rotary switch paths: 3
•    Simple lag time constant: 0.1s
Adjustable offset range: ±1.5V

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