The Programmable Logic Controller Trainer equivalent to Omron CPM1A 20 I/O or better is a system that integrate (equivalent to CPM1A) with the I/O devices in a box to make easy to use.

The robot able to:

Built a variety of robots, from a 1 DOF robot to an 18 DOF humanoid, assembly manual   and basic programs included for 29 robots, assembly tools and programming SW provided, Gyro Sensor, Distance Measurement Sensor, IR Sensor included, includes remote controller and wireless Zidbee module, GUI-based programming software (equivalent to RoboPlus), Digital packet communication with daisy chain topology for easy cabling and versatile expansion mechanism for easy robot building.


•    Main Controller: CM-530 (ARM Cortex M3-32bit) x 1
•    Robot Actuators: DYNAMIXEL AX-12A x 18
•    Lightweight Plastic Frame Set
•    Humanoid-Exclusive Skin Set
•    Gyro Sensor x 1
•    Distance Measurement Sensor x 1
•    IR Sensor x 2
•    Remote Controller (RC-100B) x 1
•    Lithium Polymer Battery (11.1V, 1000mAh) x 1
•    Exclusive Battery Charger x 1
•    Screw Driver
•    RoboPlus Programming Guide
•    Software CD Equivalent to RoboPlus or better
Assembly Manual (29 robot, with Guide to Example Programs)

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