Demonstration Francis Turbine

Demonstration Francis Turbine .


Francis runner surrounded by 6 guide vanes inside PVC volute with clear acrylic front panel for visualisation

  • Guide vanes adjustable when turbine is running with scale to indicate degree of opening and clamp to prevent movement
  • Francis runner 60 mm diameter with 12 blades
  • Inlet pressure gauge with range 0 to 2 bar
  • Brake force determined using Prony type brake dynamometer
  • Educational software as an option


Technical Details:



Speed range:

0 to 1000 RPM

Diameter of Francis runner:

60 mm

Number of blades on runner:


Number of guide vanes:

6, adjustable from fully open to fully closed

Range of spring balances:

0 to 10 N x 0.1 N

Range of Bourdon gauge:

0 to 2 bar

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