Disc Centrifuge .

Disc Centrifuge

Specification Of Disc Centrifuge

  • Continuous separation of emulsions with a disc centrifuge
  • HDPE tank with stirring machine to produce an emulsion
  • Centrifugal pump to deliver the emulsion to the centrifuge
  • Adjustment of emulsion flow rate by valve
  • Centrifuge speed adjustable by potentiometer
  • Speed-controlled stirring machine with digital torque indicator
  • 3 interchangeable stirrers
  • Collector tank for separated phase

Technical Data

Disc centrifuge

  • Power consumption: 7500W
  • Max. usable diameter: approx. 300mm
  • Max. speed: 6480rpm

Stirring machine

  • Power consumption: 140W
  • Speed: 30...1000rpm


  • 2x paddle stirrers: 3/10 holes
  • 1x stirrer with 3 blades

Centrifugal pump

  • Max. flow rate: 300L/min
  • Max. head: 9,5m


  • Stirred tank: 200L
  • Collector tank: 14L

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