Discharge Over Notch

Discharge Over Notch .

  1. Comprehensive study of flow over weirs, including:
  2. Investigation of head against discharge
  3. Coefficient of discharge for notches
  4. Rectangular and different angled V-notches
Essential Base Unit
  1. Gravimetric Hydraulic Bench
  2. Recommended Ancillaries
  3. Advanced Set of Weirs
  4. Essential Services
  5. Water supply:From the Gravimetric Hydraulic Bench
  6. Operating Conditions
  7. Operating environment:Laboratory
  8. Storage temperature range: –25°C to +55°C (when packed for transport)
  9. Operating temperature range: +5°C to +40°COperating relative humidity range: 80% at temperatures 31°C decreasing linearly to 50% at 40°C

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