Discontinuous Rectification .

Discontinuous Rectification

Specification Of Discontinuous Rectification

  • Discontinuous  rectification with packed and sieve tray column
  • Interchangeable columns
  • Sieve tray column with 8 trays
  • Packed column with raschig rings
  • Vacuum mode possible with water jet pump
  • Electrically heated evaporator
  • Tank for top product
  • Condenser and phase separation tank for top product
  • All tanks made of duran glass and stainless steel
  • Adjustment of reflux ratio using valves

Technical Data

  • Columns: internal diameter: 50mm, height: 765mm
  • Water jet pump: final vacuum: approx. 200mbar


  • Top product: approx. 2000ml
  • Phase separation: approx. 500mL


  • Power output: 0...4kw
  • Tank: approx. 10L

Heat transfer surface

  • Top product condenser: approx. 0,04m²

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