Drag Coefficients For Spheres .

Drag Coefficients for Spheres

Technical Description of Drag Coefficients for Spheres

Two Plexiglass cylinders are provided for performing the experiment, these are filled with fluids of varying viscosity. A ball sinks to the bottom under the action of gravity. The sink time and distance are measured. Included with the unit are a stopwatch and 10 spheres of different materials and volumes. At the bottom of the measuring tube is a chamber through which the balls can be removed without major loss of fluid.

Specification of Drag Coefficients for Spheres

  • Experimental set-up for determining the vertical descend of a body in a flow
  • 2 Plexiglass tubes as measuring sections, sink heights marked with O-rings, with chamber for easy removal of the measuring Objects
  • 10 balls of different materials and volumes
  • Stopwatch included

 Technical Data of Drag Coefficients for Spheres

  • Plexiglass cylinder 1330mm, od 100mm , approx. 8Ltr
  • Sink height: 1000mm
  • Balls
  • D=10mm: aluminium, POM, nylon
  • D=5mm: aluminium, POM, nylon

 Dimensions and Weight of Drag Coefficients for Spheres

  • l x w x h : 720 x 640 x 1650 mm
  • Weight: approx. 45 kg

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