Drag Forces .

Drag Forces

Specification Of Drag Forces

  • Determining drag forces on models immersed in a flow
  • Recording the pressure distribution on models immersed in a flow
  • Recording the velocity profile for measuring the wake depression behind the cylinder immersed in a flow.
  • Accessories for the aerodynamics trainer
  • Models: plate, cylinder and aerofoil model as drag body
  • Cylinder with additional pressure measuring point
  • Pitot tube with horizontal adjustment for measuring the total pressures

Technical Data

Pitot Tube

  • Diameter: 1,1mm
  • Horizontal adjustment: 50...0...50mm
  • Measuring section: cross-section 50x100mm
  • Angle scale: -40...40°
  • Weights: 1x10g, 1x40g

Drag body

  • Plate: LxW: 45x15mm, thickness: 1mm
  • Cylinder: DxH: 15x45mm
  • Aerofoil model: LxWxH: 100x15x45mm

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