Educational Cavitation Tunnel

Educational Cavitation Tunnel .
Cavitation Tunnel


  1. The main data of the Cavitation Tunnel is as follows:
  2. Measuring section – 850 mm x 850 mm
  3. Length of measuring section – 4000 mm
  4. Contraction ratio of the nozzle – 4.99:1 Approx.
  5. Maximum velocity of the water in the measuring section – 12 m/s
  6. Pressure regulation from relatively high vacuum to above atmospheric pressure measured at the pressure regulation container – 1 bar Approx
  7. Cavitation number adjustable in wide range down to belows – σ = 0.2
  8. Total length including stiffening girder not including the length required for the impeller drive – 20.4 m Approx.
  9. Total height from the floor at which the tunnel foundations are supported to the highest part of the cavitation tunnel, inclusive stiffening girders, not including additional height for the separate pressure regulation container and not including the height for setting in propeller dynamometers or other test equipment – 12.9 m Approx.


Technical Data of DIDAC Cavitation Tunnel:


The measuring section is provided on all four sides with large removable Plexiglas windows. There are 12 windows altogether. The upper wall of the measuring section is made in form of a cover which can be taken off for mounting dummy bodies and test equipment. The measuring section is provided with rectangular corners in order to facilitate mounting of dummy bodies. A casing for setting in wake simulation screens is arranged between nozzle and measuring section. An empty frame which is arranged at the place where the wake simulation screens are set in is also supplied

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