Research Cavitation Tunnel

Research Cavitation Tunnel .
Research Cavitation Tunnel

The cavitation tunnel installed at the Laboratory for Hydraulic Machines provides high speed visualization of various types of cavitation phenomena, including leading edge cavitation, wake cavitation, and tip vortex :


  1. Cavitation nuclei control
  2. 5 components load cell
  3. Optical instrumentation: particle image velocimetry, Laser Doppler velocimetry
  4. High speed visualization
  5. Pressure transducers


Specification of Research Cavitation Tunnel:


  1. This is a Small Research Cavitation Tunnel with 3 different interchangeable measuring sections available:
  2. 300mm x 300mm Measuring Section Max Speed 9m/s
  3. 425mm x 425mm Measuring Section Max Speed 5m/s
  4. Asymmetric 630mm x 350mm Measuring Section Max Speed 4m/s

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