Energy Losses In Bends Apparatus .

Energy Losses in Bends and Fittings

The equipment is mounted on a free-standing framework which supports the test pipe work and instrumentation. The following typical pipe fittings are incorporated for study: mitre bend, 90o elbow, sweep bends contraction and sudden enlargement.  All are instrumented with upstream and downstream pressure tapping. These tappings are connected to a bank of twelve water manometer tubes, mounted on the framework. Pressurization of the manometers is facilitated by a hand pump. A gate valve is used to control the flow rate. A separate gate valve is instrumented with upstream and downstream pressure tappings which are connected to a differential gauge on the edge of the framework.


Circuit with four bends of different radii

  • Enlargement, contraction and gate valve, plus control valve
  • Manometer board with 12 tubes plus differential pressure gauge
  • Hand pump for pressurization of manometers
  • Quick release fitting for easy connection to hydraulics bench

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