Evaporation Process Experiment .

Evaporation Process Experiment

Specification:- Evaporation Process

  • Visualisation of evaporation in a tube evaporator
  • Heating and cooling medium: water
  • Tube evaporator made of double-wall glass
  • Heating circuit with heater, pump and expansion vessel
  • Safety valve protects against overpressure in the system
  • Cooling circuit with water jet pump to generate negative pressure (vacuum)

Technical Data


  • Power rating: 2kW
  • Temperature range: 5...80°C
  • Heating and cooling medium: water


  • 3 stages
  • Max. flow rate: 1,9m³/h
  • Max. head: 1,5m
  • Power consumption: 58W

Tube evaporator

  • length: 1050mm
  • Inner diameter: 16mm
  • Outer diameter: 24mm
  • Condenser: coiled tube made of copper

Measuring ranges

  • Pressure: -1...1,5bar relative
  • Temperature: 0...100°C

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