Experiments With A Gear Pump .

Experiments With A Gear Pump

Specification Of Experiments With A Gear Pump

  • Functioning and operating behaviour of a gear pump
  • Closed oil circuit contains a gear pump with variable speed via frequency converter and a transparent tank
  • Transparent housing for observing the pump gears
  • Needle valve for adjusting the flow rate
  • Overflow valve for adjusting the head
  • Sensors for temperature and pressure at inlet and outlet of the pump
  • Oval wheel meter as flow sensor
  • Microprocessor-based measuring technique

Technical Data

  • Gear pump with speed-controlled drive
  • Power consumption: 370W
  • Nominal speed: 200...1000min-1
  • Max. flow rate: approx. 15cm³ per revolution
  • Max. head: approx. 100m
  • Overflow valve: 0...5,5bar

Measuring Ranges

  • Pressure (inlet): -1...1bar
  • Pressure (outlet): 0...5bar
  • Flow rate: 0...25L/min
  • Temperature: 0...100°C

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