Experiments With A Piston Pump .

Experiments with a Piston Pump  

Technical Description of Experiments with a Piston Pump 

Piston pumps belong to the group of positive displacement pumps. They transport the medium by a reciprocating motion of a piston in the pump working space, called stroke. The stroke creates a suction respectively vacuum effect used to deliver the water. Piston pumps are used when high pressures are to be generated. The flow rate of piston pumps is independent of the head and is determined only by speed. Its good suction performance is outstanding. The cycle that takes place (intake and discharge of water) can be shown clearly in the p-V diagram. The pulsating pressure curve of the pump can be damped with the aid of the air vessel. Flow rate and head are adjusted via needle valve and overflow valve. The experimental unit is fitted with sensors for pressure and flow rate. One pressure sensor measures the pressure at the outlet of the pump, another one measures the pressure in the inside of the cylinder. The position of the piston rod is measured by an angle sensor. This allows the determination of the cylinder volume.

Specification of Experiments with a Piston Pump 
  • Functioning and operating behaviour of a piston pump
  • Closed water circuit contains piston pump with variable speed via frequency converter, transparent water tank and air vessel
  • Transparent housing for observing the pump piston
  • Needle valve for adjusting the flow rate
  • Overflow valve for adjusting the head
  • Pulsation damping of the delivery pressure using air vessel with bleed valve
  • Sensors for pressure on delivery side and in the cylinder of the pump, flow rate and crank angle
  • Microprocessor-based measuring technique
Technical Data of Experiments with a Piston Pump 
Piston pump
  • Speed: 30...180min-1 
  • Max. Flow rate: 135L/h
  • Max. Head: 40m
Drive motor
   a.  Power: 180W
   b.  Speed: 1.360min-1
  • Gear transmission ratio: i=7,5
  • Overflow valve: 1...4bar
Measuring ranges
  • Pressure (cylinder): 0...5bar
  • Pressure (delivery side): 0...5bar
  • Crank angle: 0...360°
  • Flow rate: 0,2...6L/min
Dimensions and Weight of Experiments with a Piston Pump 
  • LxWxH: 670x590x740mm
  • Weight: approx. 49kg

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