Flow Channels

Flow Channels .

The Flow Channel made up of a clear acrylic working section of large depth to width ratio incorporating undershot and overshot weirs at the inlet and discharge ends respectively.

Water is fed to the streamlined channel entry via a stilling tank to reduce turbulence. Water discharging from the channel is collected in the volumetric tank of the Hydraulics Bench and returned to the sump for recirculation.

A dye injection system incorporated at the inlet to the channel permits flow visualisation in conjunction with a graticule on the rear face of the channel.

Models supplied with the channel include broad and sharp crested weirs, large & small diameter cylinders and symmetrical & asymmetrical aerofoils which, in conjunction with the inlet and discharge weirs, permit a varied range of open channel and flow visualisation demonstrations.


  • Clear acrylic working section fed from stilling tank
  • Dye injection system
  • Six different models for investigation
  • Quick release fitting for easy connection to hydraulics bench

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