Flow In A Pipe Bend .

Flow in a Pipe Bend

When laying pipes it is essential that they are adapted to the circumstances of their environment, which means the pipes will necessarily include deflections in the form of bends. Changing the direction of flow in a pipe changes the pressure conditions. The pressure curve during a change in the flow direction is investigated using the example of a 90° pipe bend.

The experimental unit   when used in the aerodynamics trainer, allows the measurement of the static pressure at 29 pressure measuring points along the pipe bend. The transparent pipe bend has a constant rectangular cross-section with 10 pressure measuring points each on the top and bottom. Pressure measuring points are located in the region of the curvature on both sides: four on the left side and five on the right side. The pressure measuring points are connected to the tube manometers in via the hoses supplied. The static pressures can be read on the tube manometers.

Learning Objectives And Experiments

  1. Investigation of the pressure curve at a 90° pipe bend
  2. Determination of the static pressure at 29 pressure measuring points
  3. Representation of the pressure distribution


  1. Determining the pressure conditions in flow through a pipe bend
  2. Measurement of static pressure at 29 pressure measuring points along the bend
  3. 29 pressure measuring points: 4 on the left side and 5 on the right side, 10 on the top side and 10 on the bottom side
  4. Accessory for aerodynamics trainer
  5. 16 tube manometers of for displaying the pressures

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