Flow In Pipes Apparatus .

Description of Flow In Pipes Apparatus:

The equipment comprises additional sets of ductwork manufactured in aluminium containing both pressure tappings and pitot static tube points together with a set of inlet adaptors which can be connected to the intake of the fan by means of deep spigoted sockets with ‘O’ ring seals and over-centre toggle latches. Two duct support stands are provided (only one is shown in the picture) and the experiments require the use of a necessary accessory, the Multitube Manometer.

Items of ductwork comprise:  


  • 95 mm dia. by 1400 mm long section with six static pressure tappings, together with a pitot static mounting pad.  
  • 95 mm dia. by 1400 mm long section with a static pressure tapping and a pitot static mounting pad.  
  • 65 mm dia. inlet duct with sudden transition to 95 mm dia. incorporating six static pressure tappings.  
  • 65 mm dia. bellmouth intake adaptor.  
  • 65 mm dia. bluff intake adaptor.


The graph shows typical results which can be obtained when measuring duct entry pressure.

Experimental Capability of Flow In Pipes Apparatus: 


  1. Duct entry pressure profile with 65 mm diameter sharp, bluff and bellmouth entries.  
  2. Study of sudden enlargement losses from 65 to 95 mm diameter.  
  3. Friction losses in a 95 mm diameter pipe.  
  4. Velocity profile development in a 95 mm diameter pipe.

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