Flow Measurement Apparatus .

Description of Flow Measurement Apparatus:

The fan inlet and outlet ports are designed to accommodate standard duct sections of 146 mm Of aluminum diameter and comprising sleeves Sealed by O-rings and tightened by Snap closures with quick disassembly. All these sections conform to the British Standards


  1. 65 mm diaphragm at the inlet of the 146 mm diameter
  2. 95 mm diaphragm at the inlet of the 146 mm diameter
  3. 65 mm nozzle at the inlet of the 146 mm duct diameter
  4. Venturi nozzle of 95 mm-146 mm diameter Pitot tube and through mechanism
  5. To install additional measuring devices, two Sections and a supporting device are included :
  6. 146 mm diameter input adapter, Includes measuring points for diaphragm or Venturi trunk
  7. Section 1000 mm long and 146 mm in diameter, Comprises a honeycomb flow rectifier and three fasteners For the Pitot tube.


Experimental Ability of Flow Measurement Apparatus:


  1. Measurement of the flow through a Pitot tube passing through the duct
  2. Fan testing according to using aDiaphragm or nozzle at the inlet
  3. Comparison of flow measuring devices placed atThe entrance of a duct:
  • Diaphragm
  • Nozzle

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